Principal Investments in

Portfolio Companies

Almat Group

Almat GroupĀ is a privately held real estate investment and development company formed in 1999 with an expertise in a broad range of real estate disciplines.

BetFarm Ltd

BetFarm Ltd is a sports betting company. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, consistently higher odds, easy deposit and instant withdrawal.

Almat Farms

Almat Farms is a greenhouse, open pasture and boutique hospitality farm set on 100 hectares of land. Main crops include tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.


Admoni is a mobile advertising platform for businesses, firms and startups to build their brand and promote their services and products on an exisiting infastructure.

Sparkle Micro Finance Bank

Sparkle Micro Finance Bank is a digital financial services and lifestyle company for digital natives to enable them go about their everyday lives as individuals and businesses.